Artel Press to debut poetry of Catherine Swire

The Artel Press is delighted to welcome Catherine Swire as its latest author and announce the forthcoming publication of an outstanding first collection of her poetry.

Soil takes the reader on a very personal journey with the poet, its wonderfully expressive title alluding to the way trauma is both inscribed in, and changed by, landscape.

Catherine’s work features eight finely-crafted poems, each inspired by a location in the Malvern Hills where she currently lives and writes. The poetry is further enriched by eight fascinating companion texts, a critical manifesto and the gentle illustrations of Russian artist Marina Kolchanova.

The famous beauty of the landscape belies its complex and often disturbing history. Catherine uses relics of these connections, from Roman occupation to the English Civil War, to interrogate the fragility of human experience and ‘the act of forgetting’.

This is a book that would be equally at home in the field or the library; a walking guide to some of England’s most beautiful counties or a philosophical treatise on memory and loss.

‘We cannot be sure what counts most in our own history… the king drops away like a spider on an invisible skein’.

Paperback, 80pp
The Artel Press
ISBN 9780992603595
Publication date 10.10.21


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