A Welsh Family – in Malta

The Artel Press is pleased to share that ‘Almost a Catastrophe‘, the sequel to Janet Corke’s 2019 biography, of life in a remote cottage in Wales, is now published.

The year is 1963 and Jan and family have moved to Malta, a fascinating time in the island’s history, just before its independence, and at a watershed of this ancient island’s transition into a modern state.

VILLAGE Street Scene, Malta 1963 | credit: JaNET CORKE

Jan finds fierce Mediterranean heat, so different to North Wales, but also many shared factors: wonderful people marked by their kindness, a rich history, fine cultural traditions and a wonderfully characteristic language.

For anyone with a love of Malta, or an experience of the island – whether through residency or tourism – there will be much to discover in her new book.

And as a unique document of the Island in the 1960s from the perspective of a British national, Almost a Catastrophe provides a rare vignette of this period from an acutely observed eye-witness perspective, yet in the author’s hugely enjoyable and accessible style.

Buy online here. Just £7.99 + P&P